• addHow do our policies work?
    • Our policies reimburse you in the event the rental company charge you for the damage of theft of your rental vehicle. If you’re charged an excess fee, simply submit a claim online and, if successful, we’ll reimburse you what were charged.

      To find out what’s covered by each of our policies, please visit our products page and select the territory you’re travelling to.

      For full information on the features and benefits of our policies, please visit our policy documents page where you can download our policy wording.

  • addWhat kinds of vehicle do we cover?
    • We offer policies to cover cars and campervans/motorhomes. Campervan/motorhome cover is available as an upgrade when purchasing our European and Worldwide excess policies and will be offered as an option during the checkout process.

  • addAre joint policies available?
    • As standard, our policies cover up to 9 named drivers – meaning anyone listed as an additional driver on a single rental agreement are covered on the same basis as the main policy holder. Please note – the policy holder must always be listed as the main driver on the rental agreement for cover to be in place.

  • addWhat’s the difference between collision damage waiver and excess insurance?
    • Simply put, CDW covers the full market value of the rental vehicle, whereas excess insurance covers any excess fees you’re charged by the rental company in relation to damage or theft of the vehicle.

      For more information, please read our in-depth guides on excess insurance and collision damage waiver.

  • addAre both single-trip and annual policies available?
    • Yes – both single trip and annual policies are available:

      chevron_rightSingle trip policies are available for those looking to cover a single rental agreement of up to 31 days in length.

      chevron_rightAnnual multi-trip policies cover an unlimited number of rentals over a 12-month period and cover rentals of up to 65 continuous days in length.

  • addCan policies be amended/upgraded?
    • To make a change to a policy you’ve already purchased, please contact our customer services team on +353 14311 334 Monday – Friday 09.30am – 17.00pm.

  • addWhat are the main restrictions on our policies?
    • chevron_rightPolicy holders must be aged between 21 and 85 at the time of inception

      chevron_rightRental vehicles restrictions:

      subdirectory_arrow_rightMust not exceed €100,000 in value

      subdirectory_arrow_rightCannot be more than 20 years old

      subdirectory_arrow_rightCannot have more than 9 seats (including the driver)

      subdirectory_arrow_rightVans, motorbikes, mopeds and scooters not covered

      subdirectory_arrow_rightCompetition, track and performance driving not covered

      chevron_rightSLI not covered under any of our policies

      chevron_rightCharges relating to fines and penalties not covered

      chevron_rightMechanical breakdown due to wear & tear or malfunction not covered

    • For a full list of exclusions, please see our policy wording.

  • addWhat payment types are accepted?
    • We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express – and we don’t charge any processing fees regardless of how you choose to pay.

  • addAre windows, wheels, tyres, roof and under-carriage covered?
    • Yes – some rental companies exclude these vulnerable parts from their cover, however we cover these as standard.

  • addCan policies be cancelled?
    • Policies can be cancelled provided a rental vehicle hasn’t been collected and the policy holder is within the 14-day cooling off period.

      If a rental vehicle has been collected, it will not possible to cancel the policy.

      Annual policy holders may be entitled to cancel their policy and receive a refund if outside the cooling off period, provided they haven’t rented a vehicle.

      If single-trip policy holders are outside the 14-day cooling off period, it will not be possible to cancel the policy.  

      If you wish to cancel your policy, please contact

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