Excess insurance explained

The term car hire excess insurance refers to an optional insurance policy that protects you against any excess charges you may incur should your hire car become damaged or stolen whilst in your care.

The ‘excess’ refers to the amount of money the rental company will charge you, usually in the form of a deposit deduction, in the event the vehicle is returned to them damaged or is stolen during your rental period.

How excess insurance works

Generally, when you hire a car it will come with standard insurance included, meaning hire car customers are usually only responsible for paying an excess in the event the vehicle is damaged or stolen. The excess fee you’re liable to pay, however, can range from a few hundred to thousands of Euros depending on where you’re hiring a vehicle, the type of vehicle you’re hiring and who from – so it’s important to protect yourself against such charges.

By buying excess insurance from you can cover yourself against excess charges up to €6,000. In addition, our policies cover the vulnerable parts of the vehicle (including tyres, windscreen, roof, undercarriage) that the rental companies often exclude from their own waivers.

If you incur an excess charge from the rental company, they will charge you directly. Once charged, you can then submit a claim for reimbursement with us. Claims can be made up to 60 days after you have been charged and are typically processed within 17 days of receipt.