By Spreet Aulakh on September 10

The impact of forgotten items on holiday

Forgetting things on holiday can be a huge pain. Items accidentally left at home can lead to a range of problems including stress, arguments, extra expenses and even missed flights. To help you avoid such scenarios during this year’s holidays, we’ve surveyed 1,000 Republic of Ireland residents to find common pain points and show you where to plan ahead to avoid issues when it comes to forgotten items.

What do people forget?

So much goes into making a holiday happen that it can be easy to overlook some things and let them slip through the cracks. There are so many opportunities to forget something, whether it’s when you’re booking, around your departure, or on your way home, that planning ahead is key.

Over half (56%) of holidaymakers say they’ve forgotten things for their holiday long before they’ve even started packing. These respondents forgot to book elements of their holiday. The most commonly forgotten elements are:

  • 1. Travel insurance: 17%

  • 2. Extra luggage allowance: 17%

  • 3. Money / currency: 14%

  • 4. Seats for everyone to sit together: 12%

  • 5. Arranging for someone to keep an eye on the house or pets: 11%

Forgetting things like those above can have a serious impact on your holiday. Not booking travel insurance leaves you vulnerable should anything go wrong, so be sure to get it booked and don’t forget to include car hire excess insurance if you’re renting a vehicle.

The consequences of forgetting holiday items

If you are unfortunate enough to forget an item, whether when going on holiday or on the way home, you know how irritating it can be. Over half of holidaymakers (52%) who have forgotten items on holiday say doing so caused them a significant amount of stress. This stress when embarking on a trip is likely to sour relations with your fellow travellers, with over one-quarter of cases (28%) erupting into arguments as a result.

For some holidaymakers, forgotten items can have more tangible ramifications. Over one-third (34%) said they’d had to pay to replace forgotten items on a trip, with 17% saying they had incurred a significant cost trying to fix the problem. More than one in ten (12%) said that a forgotten item had actually meant they’d had to rearrange travel plans as they’d missed a flight because of the issue.

How to avoid forgetting items

There are so many things that you can do to try and prevent forgotten items on holiday, but of course, different things work for different people. Some of the tips we’ve found most useful for avoiding forgetting items on holiday are below.

Make checklists: This may sound like an obvious one, but it’s so easy to forget something when there are about 50 things to try and remember. To help, write a checklist of what you need to do and what you need to pack. Writing this list will help you think about what you need, and you can check off each item as you pack it. This will work both on the way there and the way back, so you know you’ve got everything covered

Pack tidily: No matter how carefully we pack, there’s usually a last-minute panic about where we put the passports or some other article. This is much easier to handle if your bag is packed neatly, with everything organised and folded, rather than a jumble of objects.

Check through items with someone else: Before leaving home, check with someone else that you’ve got everything you need. Ask a friend or family member to list things you need to travel and check them off if you’ve got them. This can be a handy way to highlight a group of items you may have overlooked.

Double-check: This not only applies when you’re packing but when you’re out and about on holiday too. Whenever you go somewhere on holiday where you take items with you, whether it’s just loose change and sunglasses or something more significant, always check that you’ve picked everything up when you leave. It can be so easy to take off a pair of shades or extra layer of clothing and completely forget to pick it up again. A final scan of the area when you leave will help avoid this

Hopefully, this information has highlighted to you where common issues arise when it comes to forgetting items on holiday and how these can be avoided. This should help you achieve the relaxing, rewarding trip you deserve!